Knowing About Salesforce Admin Certification

10 Dec

Knowing About Salesforce Admin Certification

Salesforce certifications are essential which helps in proving individuals that they are strong in the basics of Salesforce applications. Salesforce Admin Certification is offered for Salesforce Administrators. Certification helps in improving the knowledge of the professionals, students, experts, and others. You must be Salesforce certified for various reasons. One of the primary goals is to move ahead in your career and this, in turn, would increase your monthly income. You can go for certifications in various training centers offering Salesforce training in Chennai.

The following article talks about Salesforce Admin Training in Chennai, and it would also serve as a perfect guide for Salesforce Admin Certification.

Choosing The Right Salesforce Admin Certification

There are several Salesforce admin certification types offered by Salesforce. The certifications are based on the business requirements and Salesforce eco-system. You can take up Salesforce Administrator certification when you possess some experience as an administrator. This is a standard Salesforce Administrator certification offered for beginners. The certification exam is multiple choice, and you have to score 65% to pass through the test. You're not allowed to refer any resource or study material during the test.

Experts can take up Salesforce certified advanced Administrator as it is a bit difficult to clear this certification. Professionals have to clear the Salesforce admin certification before they apply for this advanced certification. This certification is for people who are skilled Salesforce administrators with good experience.

You can get trained for certification in training centers offering Salesforce training in Chennai.

Taking Up Certification Exams

You have to register online for the various Salesforce Admin Certification exams. You can opt for an online exam where you can appear for the certification exam from anywhere. Thus you can appear for the exam at the comfort of your house and become a certified Salesforce Administrator. A proctor would monitor you through the webcam, and your computer screen would also be under control so that you do not open other windows. You can register and appear for the exam on the same day.

You can also take up the exam offline by visiting the local testing center. There are various testing centers with Kryterion which work with Salesforce and provides testing centers across the globe. They make the certification exam process convenient and straightforward. In the case of offline certification exam make sure that you register well ahead so that you can avoid unwanted issues. 

Study Guide

It is not possible to get through the certifications of Salesforce training without a proper study guide. You have to access several training materials, videos, and other supporting resources when preparing for the certification exams. Trailhead is an online study portal where you can get access to resources that would help in clearing the Salesforce Admin certifications. You can also make use of the training materials available Salesforce Admin Trailmix.

The following are some of the courses where instructors help you to clear them.

·        Administration Essentials For New Admins

·        Administration Essentials for New Admins and Certifications

Some of the virtual courses available are

·        Certification preparation for administrator

·        Salesforce proficiency pack for administrators.

The above article would be of great help for professionals who wish to become Certified Salesforce Administrator.

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